Last night in an interview with ABC’s David Muir, President Trump did something that was absolutely terrific.

When Muir asked the president about the women’s pro-death march that happened last Saturday, President Trump flipped the narrative on ABC and focused on the fact that the mainstream press doesn’t cover the annual March for Life. And in a hysterical and typical response, Muir said that he didn’t want to compare crowd sizes.

As a lifelong pro-lifer, that exchange made me laugh out loud, because the media have been obsessed with crowd size since the Inauguration. But it also made me very hopeful, and I know fellow pro-lifers have a lot of optimism going into Friday, because they finally have a fellowship within the White House after eight years of the most pro-abortion president this nation has ever seen, and because we dodged the Hillary bullet. We can all hit a “reset” button, so to speak. 

Author’s note: The above is an excerpt, read the whole thing at Conservative Review –>

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