Geez. Obamacare is collapsing of it’s own weight, where have I heard that before? Meanwhile, it’s collapsing, on YOU, and this rhetoric is bull crap.

“Massive increases of ObamaCare will take place this year,” but let it continue because it doesn’t affect lawmakers or Trump, and the increases are going to have to be absorbed by the people, but so what? Screw that.

Trump is no man of the people, if he doesn’t understand we have to obey the law, and pay, we won’t get our money back, and our healthcare still suffers. What a cockamamie thing to say, Donald.

Trump is adopting the rhetoric of the swamp soakers now. This is the rhetoric McConnell and Ryan used to denounce defunding Obamacare, and now Trump is using it. Is he hedging on repeal? I think so.

Conservatives have been pointing out how McConnell and the boys screw the people by stepping aside and giving Democrats ample opportunity to take the blame. But in that action, they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the PROBLEMS people are facing with the law!

No government program falls of its own weight. Has Medicare fallen? No, they keep funding it and stealing and borrowing to keep it going.

When people are getting something from the government, it creates its own political prize. Politicians only have to promise such and such to get votes.

But let’s talk about reality. Letting a government program go longer and longer, just so people can see it isn’t working, still forces the people to have to work within it.

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