Streep was incensed that a person in a position of power would belittle someone who was basically defenseless. Most people do get emotional about such an injustice and tend to want to protect the victim. But given Streep’s full-throttle endorsement of a heinous, despicable brutality disguised as a “human right,” her tidy little speech holds very little value.

Trump can defend or not defend himself. Who cares? What really is incredible, though, is listening to this smug interpretation of values from people who defend the torture and murder of the unborn as a human right.

Streep is an activist for abortion at any stage under the guise that it is a “reproductive right.” If abortion is a “reproductive right,” it means women alone have the right to murder, and that is just the beginning of the sick mentality that Hollywood foists upon the nation as a whole.

Is there really any wonder why she obviously felt vilified by Americans?

Each child in her mother’s womb has an identity and a specific, one-of-a-kind DNA code. She feels pain in most abortive instances, where her arms and legs are torn from her body before her head and body are crushed. What kind of sick person would defend the brutal massacre as a right? Yet, every time the Hollywood Left mobilizes for a political cause, abortion, and by extension, Planned Parenthood are held up as noble and righteous.

Streep complained of public humiliation as being the one thing that really “sank its hooks into” her heart. But how does public humiliation stack up to snuffing out someone’s life? Each life taken in abortion is taken by someone who outranks them, in Streep’s words, “in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back.” A defenseless human being inside her mother’s womb faces the death penalty for being alive. And, by the way, those who have disabilities have even less of a chance of ever being able to breathe.

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