OMG! The House of Representatives is set to debate and vote to Repeal Obamacare. Holy crap!

Wait! You already did in February of 2011. But, you are going to do it again.

What for? You are only half of a third, remember? I mean, that’s what I was told in last year’s budget battle. Er, oh, you mean now that it’s an election year, it’s way different, huh.

Well let’s see. What happened in last year’s budget battle. Let me recollect….ah yes, I do remember.

You talked tough, ignored the tea party who made you the majority, told us that you had a plan, and our arguments would have messed up the plan, and in the end did damn near diddly-squat, and told us hobbits to shut up, sit down, and focus on the Senate instead of getting all up in your grill.

Pretty much.

So, I suppose you know then, that about 70% of Republicans want the bill repealed, and so you are going to go ahead and vote, even though it won’t go through the Senate and would be vetoed by this pathetic excuse for a President.

I’m only trying to understand your logic, because you told me to shut up the last time I wanted you to act on what you were sent to Congress to do.

Here’s a secret I don’t mind divulging now….The leadership of the Republicans in Congress, ie. Boehner and the boys, are the reason Congress has such low marks. Stop listening to the bubble-heads around you in DC that hand you the left’s talking points that it’s because ‘they are stalling progress’ or ‘the Republicans are being partisan.’ Here’s an idea, do what you said you would do when the tea party was knocking on doors for you and holding rallies for you back in 2010.

Yes, you should repeal, but, using your own logic that many of your people told me during the budget battle, what for? What good would that do?

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