For the past few years, a growing number of conservatives have been calling for an Article V Convention of the States be convened as a way to check the incredible power of the federal government. Many conservatives may be unaware, however, that a number of liberals have also jumped on the Article V Convention of the States bandwagon, albeit for very different reasons. Thankfully, a recent debate between two proponents and two opponents of a convention provides some clarity on what each side is fighting for, and why conservatives must be fully involved in the convention process. Failing to do so all but guarantees liberals hostile to the Constitution will hijack the process.

The debate in question was held by Intelligence Squared Debates (IQ2) and was broadcasted live on IQ2’s YouTube channel. If you watched the debate, you’d have a pretty good idea about the arguments for and against such a proposal. But since few probably watched the actual two-hour debate, here is my rundown and analysis.

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