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A few days ago Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (F, 10%) tripped up and referred to President Bush instead of President Trump. Her fellow Democrat colleague, Maxine Waters, D-Calif. (F, 28%), visibly caught the gaffe and muttered to other colleagues near her. It’s funny by itself, because Pelosi is such a wackadoodle anyway.  Waters looked so annoyed, as if to say, “She’s screwing up!” to the fellows standing beside her.

But then it was Maxine’s turn at the microphone. She first couldn’t come up with the name of the city of Aleppo, which was provided to her by one of the two guys she muttered to earlier.

They are like old hens keeping the chicks from leaving the nest.

And then Waters she declared that Putin was advancing into Korea, instead of Crimea.

Now, Maxine and Nancy are both from California and are septuagenarians. Maxine will turn 80 next year, and Nancy will be right behind her at 78. They’ve both been in Congress for far too long; Maxine for 26 years and Nancy for 30. If Hillary thinks the future is female, she’d better break the bad news to these two.

Actually, ten of the 18 women in Congress from California are over twice the median age of all Californians:

I’m not an ageist, it’s just that while the Democrat Party likes to claim they are for the working families and the little guy, these women actually have more in common with people living off the backs of working people, cashing checks from the government, and arguing that more working families foot more and more welfare programs and social programs while their own children starve.

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